The Carrion Crown

The Heroes Assemble! 03/04
Campaign Snapshot


  • Tondbert Fetwyr and Cain Solomon follow some ghostly wagon tracks to a haunted prison!
  • Khazadrim Deepthane and Westcott Dryden investigate a dead horse!
  • Harold Kirby goes to city hall!
  • … and later, Tondbert, Cain, and Hal investigate the suspicious crypt!
  • … while Khazadrim catches a greased pig!
Our story opens on the tragic death of Professor Lorrimor...
A dark day indeed.

Its been a long time since you've seen the old professor but you aren't surprised when you receive the letter of his untimely demise.  He always was a curious fellow and curious fellows have a way of dying tragically in Ustalav. Well, you suppose, pack your things and get on the move.  The reading of the will is only a week and a half away and there is a long way between you and the dark heart of the Immortal Principality….


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